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kview - Interface for signal/data easy visualization and processing

version 2018.05.26.1 (829 KB) by Michele Oro Nobili
KView is a GUI to help signals/data management.


Updated 27 May 2018

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KView is a GUI to help signals/data management and processing.
Find more information at:

To open the kview GUI simply use the command: kview.
There is a documentation (in development), to access it: on the GUI click info->Documentation.

* Easily plot with a simple click (with labels automatically genereted)
* Signals organized in a three level hierarchy so that they can be divided into meaningful groups
* The unit a signal is expressed in can be changed with a simple click (uses Unit Conversion Toolbox)
* Provide basic funtions for import data from file or from workspace
* It is possible to create maps to rearganize data during the import process (change names, units, apply gains...)
* It is possible to create custom functions to import data into the GUI
* The kview import and export functions (plus few others) can be issued from the command line
* Buttons can be created on the GUI to call any function: your most used functions will be easy to reach (just one click)
* Really so much more...

RIGHT-CLICK: try right clicking on some of the elements of the interface (buttons, listboxes...) and you will get a menu with more functionalities: select the X axis signal for plotting, change unit, send data to workspace and more.

SHORTCUTS: you can use the standard shortcut keys to copy (CTRL+C), paste (CTRL+V) and delete (DEL/CANC) elements in the listboxes.

GUI LAYOUT TOOLBOX: this toolbox needs the GUI Layout Toolbox. You can find it here:

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Michele Oro Nobili (2020). kview - Interface for signal/data easy visualization and processing (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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