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Running Robot Model in Simscape

version (7.46 MB) by Steve Miller
Quadruped robot model with electrical actuation, including gait analysis and design workflow.


Updated 17 Apr 2021

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Models a quadruped robot with electrical actuation. The robot runs with trotting gait on four legs. Supporting models explain and automate the design process for the limbs, joint angle trajectories, and electrical system. This model is similar to quadruped robots such as those seen in the video, “Introducing Spot“

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This model is based on the example covered in the paper "Tool-Supported Mechatronic System Design"

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Comments and Ratings (19)


@Shuo Yang , hey i saw your simulation, can you please explain some minute details about how to go about it? I have to work on the same simulation for my project. It will really be helpful. thank you.

Catherine Ting

Does this running robot has a PID controller?

Ranbao Deng

Ye Xie

zp qiu

Chaitanya Nawale

could you please send the file version which is compatible with matlab 2016a?
Thank you.

Pavel Osipov


xiang WANG

Can we have a discussion about that? I have recently implemented this control strategy in 2D environment but failed in 3D environment. @Shuo Yang

Shuo Yang

I also used your contact model. And I implemented Marc Raibert's "Legged Robots that Balance" virtual leg placement strategy in two directions, so my robot can stably run in 3D environment. Thanks to your contact model!

Shuo Yang

Hi Steve, nice work! I just found your work this morning and I learned a lot.

I made a quadruped simulation as well. In some aspect better than yours, but some are not. If you are interested, check it out:

xiang WANG

Hello, Miller. I do not understand how to implement single-plane motion. Could you please give me some details about the "Body Constraints" module?Thank you!

Kalana Vidurath

sorry about that just now checked

Steve Miller

@Rasmus Koefoed: That diagnostic indicates you do not have a required product. Which release are you using? elec_lib in R2018a opens Simscape Electronics. In R2018b it opens Simscape Electrical, which is the merge of Simscape Electrical and Simscape Power Systems.

Rasmus Koefoed

I get the error: "Failed to load library 'elec_lib'" for multiple blocks. Seems Simscape Electrical has been changed, because i haven't been able to find a download that includes the "elec_lib" library

Prajwal Thakare

Yang Meng

Dhayaa Khudher

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2021a
Compatible with R2016b to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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