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tortoise svn toolbar integration

version (6.4 KB) by Heinrich
3 Buttons in the current folder browser for commiting, updating, showlog selected files/ folders

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Updated 27 Sep 2013

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functionality is based on 3 java-Buttons wich are added at the end of the "current
folder browser"-toolbar. Their callbacks will call a dos command which invokes
tortois.exe with some parameters (which you can edit for your purposes)
Additional commandline parameters for tortoise can be found here:

For removing the buttons simply restart Matlab

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Heinrich (2020). tortoise svn toolbar integration (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Great work!
As a suggestion to avoid annoying warnings, you can replace e.g.:
bCommit = com.mathworks.mwswing.MJButton




Ok, I added support for matlab 2013a

The error was caused the big layout change
in the matlab 2013a desktop.

I also added a new button:

- deleting a file/ folder from repository

please enjoy the submission

best regards


@ icon overlays:

I tried very hard to make this possible, (2 days)
but the underlaying cell-renderer is
hardly closed code. Even changing the backgroud color
of the files and folders was not possible for me.
Maybe a java/ undocumented expert can have a look
on this.


I am currently getting the same error as Alan on 2013a. Has anyone been able to make it work?

Has anyone gotten this to work under 2013a? I'm getting a Java exception on line 122 when I try to run pm_TortoiseToolbar.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: cannot add to layout: unknown constraint: null

Good idea and realisation!

Sam Roberts

Most useful submission I've seen in a long time. Thank you. Perhaps a big ask, but can you make the icons use the Tortoise overlays?


- added another Button (delete from repository)
- Matlab 2013a-Support

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