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Tortoise SVN Wrapper

version (3.17 KB) by Jed F.
Simple wrapper for Tortoise SVN.


Updated 29 May 2009

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This function is a very simple wrapper to run TortoiseSVN. Since Windows Matlab doesn't support SVN directly, this is a way to control svn from within Matlab. It is NOT intended to replace Matlab's versioning control.

I also created 3 wrappers for the 3 most commonly functions I use: checkout, commit & add. It is very trivial to create new wrappers for yourself.

svn checkout [TortoiseSVN Dialog]
edit newfile.m [M-File Editor]
svn add newfile.m
svn commit [TortoiseSVN Dialog]

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Jed F. (2021). Tortoise SVN Wrapper (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (16)

Sagar K

hari haran

guolong Jiang

Doctor G

Since matlab R2014a 64 bit does not natively support SVN and TortoiseSVN (even if they are 64 bit), this is a great tool, and very appreciated.


Paul Peeling

If you are running 64-bit Windows, you need to have 64-bit Tortoise SVN for this to work out-of-the-box

hwi lee

This is great,it's very helpful for my work, thank you! thank you for help of Paul Peeling!

Paul Peeling

great, I use this every day. svn log is missing, can add this command to the command switchyard at the beginning of svn.m to bring up the log window

Maarten Manders

This is fantastic!







This is elegant, simple, and absolute genius. It is also very simple to add other functions using the link given in the error message. Thank you so much for posting this!


I am new to MatLab and was amazed it didn't natively support SVN but instead supports an outdated, buggy and generally useless version control system like MS's SourceSafe. This wrapper code is perfect, I just type commit and the Tortoise SVN dialog shows up. This is especially important because MatLab seems to lock files such that Tortoise SVN can't properly commit them from the Explorer interface.



This is pretty awesome! I can put a commit command at some point in my code and then it will automatically version control itself everytime I run it! And it still prompts me to enter a log message so I can note what tweaks have been made.

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