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Aileron Model in Simscape

version (4.44 MB) by Steve Miller
Actuator with ideal, hydraulic, and electrical designs.


Updated 22 Jun 2020

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This file contains an aileron actuator model that can be used to develop mechanical designs, determine actuator requirements, compare electrical and hydraulic designs, and design the control system. A number of intermediate models are also included to show you the incremental steps of developing this system. MATLAB scripts show many steps, including optimizing the design, automatically producing reports, and generating C Code. The model is built using Simscape, Simscape Multibody, Simscape Fluids, and Simscape Electrical.

Please read the README.txt file to get started.

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Comments and Ratings (10)

Hiago Cesar

Hi Steve, thank you very much for your support!

Steve Miller

Hi HIAGO - I have older releases not on GitHub that I can send you. Get me your email address and I'll send it to you. --Steve

Hiago Cesar

Hi Steve!
Is it still possible to download the previous version of the model? (for R2013a and so)
I can only find it from R2017.

Pavel Osipov

junnan li

Hi Steve, really good job!
i am new here, could you please tell me how to find an older version model?

Daniele Musella

The Aileron Picture is not shown on display when I try to open the component file.
How can I put it in my Simscape library?

Steve Miller

Hi Vatea - there are theoretical and data-based calculations for the drag of an airfoil. I would use one of those to calculate the drag force and apply it using an External Force and Torque block in Simscape Multibody.

vatea ropiteau

Hi Steve,

You did really great in modeling the aileron actuation.
Now how would you model the hydro/aerodynamic effects acting upon this aileron?

Rocky Tina

Jonatan Tidare


See release notes for this release on GitHub:

Added links to download versions for earlier releases from GitHub.

Changed submission title, no change to files

R19b version. Hosted on GitHub. Content now organized in a MATLAB Project. Contact me for earlier releases.

Updated for R2019a

New version. Mechanical model from CAD, 3 parallel actuators.

Updated for R2018a

Added R2017b version.

Added R2017a version and text for citing submission in other works. Made startup script compatible with Mac.

Added R2016b version which includes adjustments to mask drawing commands and improved layout of motor driver circuit.

Updated license

Fixed broken link in submission description.

Added R2016a version. Shows new runtime parameter feature.

Fixed webinar link.

Updated "Created Using" field to R2013a. Submission also contains R2012b version.

Zip file contains R2013a version, as well as R2012b version.

Updated submission with examples for real-time, Simscape language, parameter tuning, and optimization. Updated link to new webinar demonstrating example.

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