Problem 8047. Weighted Gold/Silver Standard

Building off of the Gold Standard and Gold/Silver Standard problems, let's make a weighted currency convertor. The same data for gold value and silver-to-gold ratio will be provided in the function template.

For this problem, based on a historical year (HY) and a historical value (HV) in dollars, calculate the current value using the gold (CVG) and silver (CVS) references; see the referenced problems for details and examples of those individual problems. In this case, you will be provided a weighting that will range from 0 to 1, where 0 indicates complete weighting by gold and 1 indicates complete weighting by silver. Remember to round the result to two decimal places. If HY is outside of the historical data range, return NaN.

As an example, with HY = 2000, HV = 1000, and wt = 0.4:

  • CVG = $4534.09 (gold standard)
  • CVS = $3822.36 (silver standard)
  • CV = (1-0.4)*4534.09 + 0.4*3822.36 = $4249.40.

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