Solution 173808

Submitted on 6 Dec 2012 by J.R.! Menzinger
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% Test the example s.age = '33' s.prenom ='aurélien' str_correct = ['33',10,'aurélien'] assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(s),str_correct))

s = age: '33' s = age: '33' prenom: 'aurélien' str_correct = 33 aurélien ans = [1x3 char] [1x9 char]

2   Pass
%% Another example s.f1 = 'Sunday'; s.f2 = 'Monday'; s.f3 = 'Tuesday'; s.f4 = 'Wednesday'; s.f5 = 'Thursday'; s.f6 = 'Friday'; s.f7 = 'Saturday'; str_correct = ['Sunday',10,'Monday',10,'Tuesday',10,'Wednesday',10,'Thursday',10,'Friday',10,'Saturday'] assert(isequal(your_fcn_name(s),str_correct))

str_correct = Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday ans = [1x7 char] [1x7 char] [1x8 char] [1x10 char] [1x9 char] [1x7 char] [1x9 char]