Problem 1022. Knot Count - Speed

The Matlab Semi-Annual Contest Grand Finale is Knots.

This Challenge is to Speed up the Scoring routine that counts the number of Knots.

Details and examples are at Knots Rules.

Input: [adjacency xy]

  • adjacency is an NxN matrix of topologically adjacent(connected) points
  • xy is an Nx2 matrix giving the X and Y coordinates for the N points

Output: nKnots; Number of Knots

Scoring: Speed; Based on cumulative time of Knots [ 3 6 15 18 24 30 37 42 46 49]; Nominal Time 9.7 sec

Baseline Knot Contest Knot scoring for all 50 test cases is 63 seconds on Cody.

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Last Solution submitted on Nov 16, 2013

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