Problem 2433. Consecutive Equation Times (of the day)

Many times throughout the day can represent mathematical equations. In this problem, we focus on the largest consecutive run of equation times that include one of the four basic operations (+,-,*,/) or the power operator (^). Find the largest such consecutive run for a given range of input times (based on three-digit 12-hour times, 1:00 to 9:59). Return the first time stamp (string) and the number of consecutive points (integer, inclusive) for the maximum run (the first run if there is a tie).

For example, in the 2:07 to 2:29 time range, the answer is ['2:11' 3] since 2:10 has no equation, 2/1=1 (2:11), 2*1=2 (2:12), 2+1=3 (2:13) and 2:14 has no equation, and there are no such runs of four in that range.

This problem is related to Problem 2431 and Problem 2432.

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