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What is MATLAB Mobile?

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I would like to access MATLAB from my mobile device.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 15 Jun 2018
MATLAB Mobile is a lightweight desktop on your iPhone that connects to a MATLAB session running on the MathWorks Computing Cloud or on your computer. For example, from the convenience of your iPad, you can run scripts, create figures, and view results.
Connect to the Cloud
Connecting to the MathWorks Computing Cloud provides access to a MATLAB session wherever you have internet access from your iPhone. With a cloud connection, you can perform simple calculations and prototyping when your computer is not accessible.
Connect to Your Computer
If you already have MATLAB installed, download the MATLAB Mobile app to your iPhone and install MATLAB Connector on your computer. You then can use MATLAB wherever you have network access to the computer with your MATLAB installation. Connecting to your computer enables you to access your own scripts, files, and toolboxes. Figures you created on your desktop will also be available.
For more information, visit the following MATLAB Mobile support page:


Farah Kobeissi
Farah Kobeissi on 10 Oct 2019
Should I link my account to a MATLAB license in order to unlock the feature "Connect to your computer"? I have already installed MATLAB Mobile iPhone App but couldn't find this option.
Colin Fraser
Colin Fraser on 10 Oct 2019
As of September 2019, MATLAB Mobile no longer supports the workflow of connecting to a MATLAB session running on your computer. To continue using MATLAB Mobile, please connect to MathWorks Cloud from the app.
When connected to MathWorks Cloud, you will be able to:
  • View, edit, create and evaluate MATLAB files
  • Run commands in the Commands tab
  • Visualize data
  • Acquire data from device sensors
  • Capture image and videos from the device camera
Verya Daeichin
Verya Daeichin on 15 Feb 2020
Does it mean that it is no longer possible to stream sensor data from phone to computer anymore? or is there a way to do it through the MathWork Cloud?

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