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how to take values from a excel sheet using a refernce values.

Asked by Muhammad on 7 Oct 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Muhammad on 7 Oct 2013
Dear All
Hope you all are keeping good. i have data=[X,Y]. these X,Y have 2 columns with above 200 values in each. i want to show these X,Y values and DX,DY values on a table with 4 column values[X,Y,DX,DY]. How can i calculate DX,DY using the refernce X,Y values? the D values are in a excel sheet.


The question is not clear. What is the relation between the "reference values" and DX, DY? Did you mange the import from Excel already? How o you want to "show" the results?
thank you for your time. refernce values are X,Y values. and i have a excel sheet which has 127 rows and 127 columns and all rows and columns contains some values [suppose calculated]. i need these calculated values of the refernce X,Y values.

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