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Aligning 2 Signals as a function of third signal

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I have two signals which are from the same data, at same data logging frequency, source and need to be aligned. Say Temperature 1 and Temperature 2.
Temperature 1 and Temperature2 are logging gas temperature at different locations. As the gas flow will change, the lag between the two measurement devices will change.
I am trying to get help with a transfer function such that
Temperature2(ii) = Temperature1(ii + b*gas flow) so this will dynamically shift the indicies of variable Temperature1 according to the gas flow.
When flow is above a certain threshold, coefficienct b will be a low value while when flow is low, b will be a larger number showing the transport delay
Note: I am using temperature for as an example for the signals.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 2 Aug 2021
I am not certain what you want to do.
See if the alignsignals function will do what you want. Another option may be findsignal.

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