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How to find out number of source nodes and average indegree of a source node in directed graph?

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I have a dataset from which I have created a directed graph.
How I want to find out indegree of source nodes and number of source node. And want to do the same thing for target nodes of that directed graph.
Here is my code.
m = readtable('rough.csv')
col1= m{:,1}
col2= m{:,2}
col3= m{:,3}
g= digraph(col1,col2,col3)

Accepted Answer

Srijith Kasaragod
Srijith Kasaragod on 5 Aug 2021
As per my understanding you have a directed graph and you want to compute indegree and number of source and target nodes. The following lines of code shows one of the possible ways:
%store edges and nodes into variables
edges= g.Edges;
nodes= g.Nodes;
%filter out source and target nodes from edges
s= unique([edges{:,1}(:,1)])
t= unique([edges{:,1}(:,2)])
%input graph and source or target nodes into ‘indegree’ function
in_deg_s= indegree(g,s);
in_deg_t= indegree(g,t);
%count the number of source and target nodes
no_source= numel(s);
no_target= numel(t);
You can refer this link to read more about 'indegree' function.

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