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How to select multiple input file one at a time.

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Mohana on 18 Sep 2013
Answered: teimoor bahrami on 23 Apr 2019
I have written a code in matlab with dialog box to open an input data file using diretorio = uigetdir; filename = uigetfile('*.txt','Select the INPUT DATA FILE');,
I do some process and produce the output using
prompt=('OUTPUT FILE NAME with .xls ext: '); title3='Output file name';
I have to run the same program for different input data files. Every time i run the program I feed the input file and get the ouput. Actually after the input data file is processed and the output file is created, the program should go to diretorio = uigetdir; for selecting another input file for processing / selection. Since there is no goto option in matlab, how to solve this. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance. Mohan.

Accepted Answer

dpb on 18 Sep 2013
Several options depending on what you want/need...
a) if you're processing all the *.txt files in a subdirectory, there's no reason to have to select each manually -- use something like
for ix=1:length(d)
... do processing here, save results w/ dynamic output file name...
b) if you aren't doing all but know which ones, use uigetfile() but use the multipleselection optional input option --
fn=uigetfile('*.txt','Select the INPUT DATA FILE(s)','MultiSelect','on');
Then use a loop like above except the filenames are in the cell string array instead of a structure
c) if you really do need to select manually each time, just wrap your code in a while() loop and continue as long as there is a valid selection each time through...
flg=true; % set the logic variable to start the loop
while flg
fn=uigetfile('*.txt','Select the INPUT DATA FILE(s)','MultiSelect','on');
if isequal(filename,0), flg=0; break; end % no file selected; quit
% otherwise process as above here
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Dmitrii Andreev
Dmitrii Andreev on 5 Oct 2017
Great answer dude, thanks, that was very helpful!!

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teimoor bahrami
teimoor bahrami on 23 Apr 2019
hi what about .dat file extension how to select those files in subfolder

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