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problem with a Dataset

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Hello guys, i'm trying to do this exemple of YOLOv2 with my own data:
but i have a problem with the vehicleDataset:
I don't know what i missed? Can you please help me?

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Sailesh Kalyanapu
Sailesh Kalyanapu on 14 Jun 2021
In the example, the vehicleDatasetGroundTruth.mat file contains a MATLAB table variable called vehicleDataset”, which has the filenames and the bounding boxes for the ground-truth.
(Assuming you have your groundtruth table stored in ‘Damagevehicle.mat’ in the correct format) : You can modify the command to data.variablename where variablename is the variable representing your loaded truth table.
If you dont have a groundtruth table for your dataset, first create one in the format(Or make a copy) similar to the one in vehicleDatasetGroundTruth.mat and then load it into Matlab.
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Hind Haboubi
Hind Haboubi on 14 Jun 2021
Thank you so muuuuch! Damagevehicle.mat is a ImageLabelerSession. I guess that's the problem

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