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Require some STL files

Asked by Sam
on 17 Aug 2013
Hello Frinds, I am working on the 3D plotting of STL file. I have created a code to read an STL file. That is a general code which may be applicable to other STL files according to me. Can any one suggest me where I can find the STL files ??

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on 17 Aug 2013
What does "file the STL files" mean?

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1 Answer

Answer by Amith Kamath on 19 Aug 2013
 Accepted Answer

assuming you meant 'find' STL files, has some publically available STL files.


on 22 Aug 2013
Thanks Sir for you help, but I want these STL files in Binary form your suggested are the STL ASCII Files. So please can you suggest the STL file in Binary form.

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