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Calculating sin and cos functions

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Hello, i calculated the value of sin(45) in Matlab, the result was sin(45)=0.8509 and for cosin i got cos(45)= 0.5253. From general mathematics we know that sin(45)=cos(45) then why Matlab is giving different results??

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 29 May 2011
Those functions work in radians not degrees, try this

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bym on 29 May 2011
sin() & cos() arguments are in radians. If you want degrees use
sind() cosd()
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Apr 2020
If you're going to convert degrees to radians or vice versa, use the deg2rad or rad2deg functions moved from Mapping Toolbox to MATLAB in release R2015b rather than the "magic number" of pi/180.

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krishna sutradhar
krishna sutradhar on 23 Jun 2021
sin(2250 ) + cot(300 ) + tan-1 (1/2) + 10e-10 + 9x10-2 + (log1010)3 + (loge10)5

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