what's wrong with this "IF" in the code below?

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Ehsan Ben
Ehsan Ben on 14 May 2021
Commented: per isakson on 14 May 2021
I have the code below and want to define a conditional IF command in a For loop. force100 is a cell variable. But I get the following error:
Error: File: ppmicro.m Line: 349 Column: 17
Invalid text character. Check for unsupported symbol, invisible character, or pasting of non-ASCII
This is the code which is part of a bigger code:
sc100 = [];
wc100 = [];
for s = 1 : numFiles100
nc = noc100{s,1}(1,2);
sn100 = 0; % strong counter
wn100 = 0; % weak counter
for k = 1 : nc
if force100{s,1}(1,k) >= ّF100
sn100 = sn100 + 1;
sc100(sn100) = k;
wn100 = wn100 + 1;
wc100(wn100) = k;
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Ehsan Ben
Ehsan Ben on 14 May 2021
It had a problem in typing. there was an invisible character. It's solved. thanks

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Answers (1)

per isakson
per isakson on 14 May 2021
Edited: per isakson on 14 May 2021
Cannot tell based on the info of your question. Show full error message.
Set Pause on Errors
Run the code. Execution will halt at Line: 349 and show K>> in the Command Window.
Try to spot the offending character
  • is nc = noc100{s,1}(1,2); the offending statement? (I'm guessing)
  • try K>> double( char( noc100{s,1}(1,2) ) ). Does it show any suspicious "ascii-numbers"?
per isakson
per isakson on 14 May 2021
Didn't the code analyzer spot and indicate that error?

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