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How can i read and show a .egsphant file

Asked by Muhammad on 23 Jul 2013
hi all
i have a file with name "M_March_dimXYx3" (.egsphant) which contains 127X127X55 images. this file is in notepad form. i tried but unable to read and display this file in GUI MATLAB. i want to open the file using menu Editor and display these images on axes and using slider show one by one all images in GUI. any help is appreciated.


on 23 Jul 2013
I do not understand the question. I did not find sufficient information about .3ddose files. Do they contain an image with 127x127 pixels and 55 channels? What is "notepad form"? Who did you try what? How can such a data set be displayed in a GUI? What is the "menu Editor"?
I have a rough idea about what you want to achieve. But guessing the details is less efficient than asking you to explain them.
Sorry, i have .3ddose file too but i cannot use that now. yes this .egsphant file contains images 127X127 and 55 slices. notepad mean text file format. when you open a GUI then go to tools and there you can find menu editor. from menu editor i want just browse this .egsphant file. then it will displayed on axis. then slider helps to see all the 55 slice one by one. then i want to contour Region of intersts (ROI) then want to find that values of x, y, z coordinates. then display them in table to calculate volume. i think you will understand now. isa

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