Problem in displaying or printing final result.

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Hi everybody,
I need help in my codding, the code and my final results are as below:
[rYY_es_Max, rYY_es_Lags] = max(rYY_es);
[rYY_Max , rYY_Lags] = max(rYY);
[rYY_ideal_Max , rYY_ideal_Lags] = max(rYY_ideal);
Maximum_rYY_es = ['Estimated rYY_Max = ', num2str(rYY_es_Max), ' The Point of Maximization = ', num2str(m(rYY_es_Lags))];
Maximum_rYY = ['rYY_Max = ', num2str(rYY_Max), ' The Point of Maximization = ', num2str(m(rYY_Lags))];
Maximum_rYY_ideal = ['rYY_ideal_Max = ', num2str(double(rYY_ideal_Max)), ' The Point of Maximization = ', num2str(m(rYY_ideal_Lags))];
Estimated rYY_Max = 2.9497 The Point of Maximization = 0
rYY_Max = 2.9898 The Point of Maximization = 0
rYY_ideal_Max = 3 The Point of Maximization = 0
I just want to enhance the visual output; so I want to make all 'The point of Maximization = 0' sentences in line. the problem is the numbers can varry for example for the first one it can display 2.95 so I can not use Blank to fix this problem, I was just wondering if is it possible to make a Matrix of strings and numbers to make eveything in place and line or not?
or is there any other soloution to this problem?
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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 21 Jan 2021
you can force num2str to generate same length strings using following option :
>> num2str(pi,'%.4f')
ans =
>> num2str(1,'%.4f')
ans =

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