How to ellipse fitting the object

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leon on 26 Mar 2013
Commented: L on 10 Mar 2021

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Mar 2013
Edited: Image Analyst on 26 Mar 2013
regionprops() can do that. It give the major axis, minor axis, and orientation for each blob in the image.
L on 10 Mar 2021
Thank you.
Also, is it possible to use the imfindcircles() as an texture detector? Something like a Gabor filter, to highlight the curve-shaped textures?
I saw the paper that you have attached. But, what happens if the image is noisy? The method in the paper could be ssensitive in noise.
This is the reason I would try to detect the texutres first. Later, maybe the detection method would be combined with texture analysis.

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