convert to s-function level 2

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dab483 on 19 Mar 2013
In s-funcion level 1, i have this
function sys=mdlGetTimeOfNextVarHit(t,x,u)
sampleTime = 1; % Example, set the next hit to be one second later.
sys = t + sampleTime;
how do i convert to s-function level 2? thanks
dab483 on 27 Mar 2013
- mdlUpdate

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Answers (1)

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 27 Mar 2013
Please look at the third row on this table. You should simply need to register mdlGetTimeOfNextVarHit as your Update function in the setup method:
block.RegBlockMethod('Update' ,@mdlGetTimeOfNextVarHit);
Also, as a general suggestion, can I recommend that you change the name of mdlGetTimeOfNextVarHit to something more appropriate like 'Update'? C S-functions actually do have a method called mdlGetTimeOfNextVarHit, and it is best to avoid confusion with that.

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