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Nelson Cavaco
Nelson Cavaco on 30 Nov 2020
Commented: Nelson Cavaco on 30 Nov 2020
I have a simulink that do some calculations and outputs a 3D array in time. Let's say it's position over time, x,y and z.
I also have a GUI in app designer that is supposed to plot this data over time in a single graph.
This is my code:
simout = sim('teste','TimeOut',app.stop_time);

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Sudheer Bhimireddy
Sudheer Bhimireddy on 30 Nov 2020
If you can export your values "to workspace" you can simply use plot3 function in your MATLAB code once the simulink run is completed.
If you want it to plot as you run Simulink, check this:
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Nelson Cavaco
Nelson Cavaco on 30 Nov 2020
i want to plot them all in Y-axis and time in do i do that?

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