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Writing a matrix to Excel

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Lennard Pol
Lennard Pol on 26 Nov 2020
Commented: Lennard Pol on 26 Nov 2020
Hi all,
I am writing certain data to an Excel file, which is partly depicted below. First, I did this via xlswrite and now via writematrix, see below too. Both give the same unsatisfying output in Excel.
The problem is that numbers of which the third digit after the comma is a zero, are written in General number format (e.g. cell B8 and B9) and other numbers are written in Excel as Number number format. The numbers in B8, B9 and comparable cells are actually the right values. The biggest problem is that the number format differs throughout the Excel file (If all numbers where 'wrong', I could just divide by 1000).
Thanks for helping me out!


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Pier Giorgio Petrolini
Pier Giorgio Petrolini on 26 Nov 2020
Hello Lennard, have you tried to use "writetable" instead of "writematrix" ? I've never had this problem with the other function.
You can convert your matrix "data_matrix" into a table using the "array2table" function, and than export the dataset to an xlsx file using "writetable".
I hope it helps. Let me know!
Kind regards,
Pier Giorgio

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Lennard Pol
Lennard Pol on 26 Nov 2020
Thanks for your help Pier Giorgio. Unfortunately, it didn't change the resulting Excel file..

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