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Show rectified Stereo Calibration

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I have a question about the Stereo Camera Calibrator from the Visual Tool Box I have done a stereo calibration of two cameras. Now I would like to view the rectified images side by side so that the same pixels in both images represent the same object. Inside the Stereo Camera Calibrator there is the show rectified button. Is this button also available as a "code", so that I can bring pictures without the chessboard next to each other?
because with the "imshow(stereoAnaglyph(J1_valid,J2_valid);") command, the images lie on top of each other, and it is difficult to continue working with them.


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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat on 23 Nov 2020
From my understanding you looking for a function that can be used in code/MATLAB script to show rectified stereo images. There is a rectifyStereoImages function in computer vision toolbox which could solve you problem.
For more information and details about other function, Stereo Vision documentation might be helpful for your application.

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Marvin Höhner
Marvin Höhner on 23 Nov 2020
Thanks for the answer.
Luckily my problem was already solved, because I missed a code error by me, so the 'Suggested Way' did not work. (One image was a color, the other was a grayscale image) The stereo camera calibrator automatically converts the images to grayscale images, but if I want to use "show rectified" I have to do that myself first, and I forgot to do that, or used the wrong file path. So as so often a mistake between the ears of the user, and no real problem in the program :D.
But still, thank you very much for the answer!

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