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Outputting how far down a set of data a set of numbers are in a large data set

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Hi everyone,
Could I get some help on this, I have a large data set of a random set of data, 100x7 in a identity called v, I want to find all the numbers which are equal to or less than 2 in this set, but i dont want it to outut the value of these numbers, but to output the row on which those values are found on. At the moment i get answers ranging between 1-700 using the find function within matlab. Where I want the outputs to only be ranging from 1-100, as there is in essence 100 rows that these values can be found.
In short I want to find a program which outputs the row number which numbers only suiting my conditions lie on, as opposed to the position they fall in, for a data set of 700 numbers. Preferably I want the function to include a loop/if condition if possible
Many thanks,

Accepted Answer

Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 10 Nov 2020
If you supply 2 outputs to find, it will return the row and column indices corresponding to each true element:
[rowidx, colidx] = find(data < 2);
Et.B200 on 10 Nov 2020
Edited: Et.B200 on 10 Nov 2020
Thats brill, but what if you just wanted the rowidx to be set to a element and outputted? Also how would you remove any repeat rowidx values if they appear more than once?
Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 10 Nov 2020
Take a look at the unique function to remove repeats. Not quite sure what you mean by the other part of your question.

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