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laurie on 4 Feb 2013
Edited: Walter Roberson on 12 Apr 2018
I went from a place that owns a license for the Statistics toolbox to a place that does not (hello, budget cuts). Now all my statistics routines don't work anymore so I can't analyze my data like I used to... OMG PANIC
What I need is basic statistical measures (correlation) and test (eg ttest2, anovan..) functions, as well as some regression functions (regstats, regress).
In Matlab File exchange I found some functions that, combined, could meet my needs but unfortunately there are so many files that I am getting confused about which one I should choose. I am so afraid to use a function that actually does something else than what I think it does, or is not standard, etc.... being quite bad at statistics I don't see myself checking each code one by one... I am considering moving to R, but I am now halfway through the data so changing software in the middle of it does not seem either wise or time efficient.
Do you happen to know about some free packages that would do the job ? :-/
I am using Matlab 2009.
Thank you so much...

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 4 Feb 2013
Contact your friendly sales rep :)
laurie on 4 Feb 2013
ok thanks ! i'll try that so i can validate/crosscheck my results ! :)

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manideep reddy
manideep reddy on 12 Apr 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 12 Apr 2018
If possible, use octave statistics toolbox which is opensource. Download it from here.


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