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Use of monostable rising and reset block together

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I use a monostable falling bloc that holds the output value to TRUE when it detects a falling edge from one to 0.
It holds this value for a specified time of 1000seconds
Let’s say it detects a falling edge at 100s It holds the value true from 100 to 1000 seconds.
  • * But I also want when needed to be able to reset the bloc « monostable falling »** : it means that it will re-evaluate/detect if there is a falling edge. For example the output value of the bloc is true from 100 to 1000s but at 600 s it becomes false again (because of the RESET) and the bloc starts RE detecting if there is a falling edge
Thank you for your help ! :)


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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat on 1 Oct 2020
From my understanding you are trying to reset the monostable rising block to False/0 whenever an external trigger is provided.
To solve your question, there is subsystem in Simulink named Resettable Subsystem in which you could place your monostable block and configure the reset block as per your requirement.

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