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Matlab on linux starts from terminal, but not from shortcuts or runners

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I'm using kde neon with ubuntu 20.04 and running matlab, when I open it from a terminal it starts correctly, but when I make a desktop shortcut or run it in any other way, it shows the initial loading screen, but then it closes.
I installed matlab in a different location than /usr/loca/MATLAB I don't know if that would have any effect

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Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker on 9 Sep 2020
Hi Ian,
I understand that you can launch MATLAB from terminal. Make sure that you can launch MATLAB anywhere on your system by executing “matlab” command in terminal.
If not, you can create a symbolic link for the same. As you have installed MATLAB in a different directory, you can use -
sudo ln -s <YOUR_MATLAB_LOCATION>/bin/matlab /usr/local/bin/matlab
Assuming symbolic link is working, in Ubuntu 20.04 you can make a launcher by copying the desktop file from
Your matlab.desktop should have a similar structure -
#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
[Desktop Entry]
Name=MATLAB R2020a
Comment=Start MATLAB - The Language of Technical Computing
#Uncomment the following line and comment the line after to
#force matlab to use the 32 bits architecture
#Exec=matlab -arch=glnx86 -desktop
Exec=matlab -desktop
#Uncomment the following line if you've got several matlab icons in the launcher
You’ll have to make it executable by running
chmod +x matlab.desktop
You should be able to locate the MATLAB launcher in the dash now.
Hope this helps.

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