How to created a specific symmetric Toeplitz matrix?

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Omar B.
Omar B. on 9 Aug 2020
Edited: Are Mjaavatten on 11 Aug 2020
Hi , Could you please help to simplify the following code. I created a symmetric Toeplitz matrix where its eigenvalues [ 0.28878, 1.7141].
I want the same matrix, so can we create it in a simple way. For example, can we get the same matrix when we just multiply a scalar by toeplitz(R)?
B=D+3*pi/7 *eye(N);
A=1/6 * B;
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Are Mjaavatten
Are Mjaavatten on 11 Aug 2020
A = toeplitz(R)/6+pi/14*eye(N)
A trivial simplification of your code, but I doubt that it is possible to do much better.

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