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Undefined function or variable 'imnlmfilt'

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Hello, I'm getting the "Undefined function or variable 'imnlmfilt'" error message, despite being certain that this is actually a matlab function - it just doesn't seem to be installed with my Matlab. I'm using Matlab R2017a, because for some reason my dying computer won't let me download anything newer, and I have a student license - could that be the problem? (and if yes, any way to get around it?)
That code segment looks like this :
% Preparing images
image_name_1 = horzcat(image_name_base, num2str(a, image_name_index), image_format);
image_name_2 = horzcat(image_name_base, num2str((a + 1), image_name_index), image_format);
I1 = imread(image_name_1);
I2 = imread(image_name_2);
K1 = imcrop(I1, image_area);
K2 = imcrop(I2, image_area);
if RunPIV
J1 = imnlmfilt(K1); %
J2 = imnlmfilt(K2); % Reduce noise by non-local means filter
if masking
BW1 = segmentImage1210(J1);
BW2 = segmentImage1210(J2);


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Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 8 Aug 2020
It requires Image Processing Toolbox and a valid license for it. Contact your IT department in your University to get the license.


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Aug 2020
It was introduced in R2018b. Try to upgrade.

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Anna Clouvel-Gervaiseau
Anna Clouvel-Gervaiseau on 8 Aug 2020
Thanks a lot for your response, I'm using an older mac and for some reason itll prevent me from downloading any too recent Matlab versions

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