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How can ı solve this constraint optimization problem?

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Sinem Senel
Sinem Senel on 1 Aug 2020
Commented: Sinem Senel on 2 Aug 2020


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Star Strider
Star Strider on 1 Aug 2020
I get the feeling that this is likely homework.
It would likely be easiest to use the fmincon function, although there are several functions that could do what you want. Note that the optimisation functions minimise the function they are given, so to maximise it, calculate the negative of the function you supply to fmincon.

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Sinem Senel
Sinem Senel on 2 Aug 2020
Actually ı tried fmin func but matlab always gave me an error ıdk what ı am doing wrong. And ı look some other examples they all have more constraints, x0 etc. I tried to solve this only using upper and lower bound But it could not work.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 1 Aug 2020
Many things you can do, but since this is your homework, and there are already answrs posted, I'll just suggest a couple of things. Why not plot it? Look at the surface. Look at contours of the function on that domain.
Other things. You could differentiate it. Is there a zero of the gradient vector in that region? Is that at a maximum or minimum?
You could use optimization tools. FMINCON comes to mind. Or GA, or any of a number of tools.


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Sinem Senel
Sinem Senel on 2 Aug 2020
I will look thank you so much. And also ı have one question too. I am sorry for my basic Question I am new at thıs things. Matlab want to describe x0, how can ı describe with this limited information. I try to use x0=[] but ıt gave me an error
Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 2 Aug 2020
x0 must be provided base on what a priori your knowledge of where the soluion would be (yeah you definitvely need to read about optimization tools). In this example I direct to you, they select simply as
which is the middle point of the box, heuristically chosen.
Sinem Senel
Sinem Senel on 2 Aug 2020
Thank you so have no idea how much you helped me. Yeah I sould find a good article about optimisaon in matlab.

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