plot the month and year in X-axis

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Hi everyone,
I want to plot timeseries data in Matlab i have attached the data nature of the data. but some month data are missing and i want the missing month data to see..
can anyone help me the i Can plot the data.

Accepted Answer

Serhii Tetora
Serhii Tetora on 31 Jul 2020
Edited: Serhii Tetora on 31 Jul 2020
clear;clc;close all
tab = xlsread('data_final');
Date = datetime(tab(:,1),tab(:,2),1);
data = tab(:,3);
[Date,I] = unique(Date);
date_int = Date(1):calmonths(1):Date(end);
data_int = interp1(Date,data(I),date_int);
grid on; hold on

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