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How to write data to text file on raspberry pi using matlab

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Hello everyone, I'm making a project with Raspberry pi and Matlab , I successfully to generate the code to Raspberry Pi and make it run standalone. Now I want this application can save data to .txt on Raspberry Pi. Is that possible?


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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 30 May 2020
The MATLAB functions fopen, fprintf, fclose all support code generation. They use the C runtime library so they can run on the Raspberry Pi to create and write text files.
See the Low-Level File I/O section here:


Pham Trong Hien
Pham Trong Hien on 31 May 2020
Thanks for your help,
I have one more question that is the file .txt must be created in Raspberry Pi or on my Matlab folder ?
Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 31 May 2020
The file will be located wherever you run the generated code. So if you run the generated code on the Pi, the file will be created there.

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