How to solve nonlinear simultaneous equations that involved vectors in it?

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Eric Chua
Eric Chua on 28 May 2020
Answered: Nikhil Sonavane on 1 Jun 2020
Hi, is there a way to solve this equations simultaneously with Matlab? Here, yj [k] is and integer, S [k] is a 7x1 vector with only 0 and 1 as the elements. Cj is also a 7x1 vector such that Cj = [C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7] ' . I need to find each of the C and therefore I need 7 equations to be solved simultaneously. Is this possible with Matlab? Any help is appreciated!

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Nikhil Sonavane
Nikhil Sonavane on 1 Jun 2020
You can solve system of non-linear equations in MATLAB. I would suggest you documentation of fsolve the this link for more details and example and then apply this in your problem.

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