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Inputdlg rename cancel button?

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is there any way to rename the cancel button of the input dialogbox ? I would like to rename it into "more options"
I know that this is possible for questdlg and listdlg, but could not find any simillar option for inputdlg.

Accepted Answer

Bhargavi Maganuru
Bhargavi Maganuru on 8 Jul 2020
Ok and Cancel buttons are hardcoded in inputdlg. You can copy the code of inputdlg.m and make changes in the CancelHandle String as shown in below code snippet.
CancelHandle=uicontrol(InputFig , ...
BtnInfo , ...
'Position' ,[ FigWidth-BtnWidth-DefOffset DefOffset BtnWidth BtnHeight ] , ...
'KeyPressFcn',@doControlKeyPress , ...
'String' ,'More Options', ... %getString(message('MATLAB:uistring:popupdialogs:Cancel')) , ...
'Callback' ,@doCallback , ...
'Tag' ,'Cancel' , ...
'UserData' ,'Cancel' ...

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