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Crop a plot without changing ratio/axis tick positions?

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Felix on 7 Nov 2012
I have this plot below consisting of several subplots:
Now I would like to move the rows of the curves closer together, but I cannot just change the size of the axes since they are all normalized and it would distort the ratios. What would be the matlab equivalent to opening the plot in photoshop and cutting out the empty space between the rows?


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Arthur on 7 Nov 2012


Felix on 7 Nov 2012
I already removed all empty space between the axes but its not enough. I think the best way is that I rewrite the whole code such that all plots in one column are in the same subplot rather than 4 different subplots, then I can just add a constant to each curve to vary their position on the y axis.
K E on 7 Jan 2013
I think that is the best approach also, since it is probably not something you will need to do often.

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