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How to make a reference to multiple subelements of a cell without for loop (to create a plot)

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Felix on 6 Nov 2012
lets say I have a axb cell , each cell contains a 1xn double I want to make a plot like this plot({1,:}(1,end)) , i.e. for the first row of this cell I want to plot each cells last datapoint. I know this syntax doesn't work for cells, and it gives me the error "Incorrect cell or structure reference involving "end". Most likely cause is a reference to multiple elements of a cell or structure followed by additional subscript or structure references."
But how would you do this seemingly simple task?


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Harshit on 6 Nov 2012
Hi Felix, You have to use cell2mat. It converts your code to matrix. You have knowledge about n so pick up every nth element. It can be done easily.

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Felix on 6 Nov 2012
Unfortunately the size of n is different in every cell, thats why I wanted to use "end". Therefore cell2mat gives an error because the whole cell does not form a rectangle.

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