How to check the numbers of characters of a string?

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e.g I have a string, abcde. And I need a checker to check whether the string has 5 characters before executing a command.

Accepted Answer

Pedro Villena
Pedro Villena on 31 Oct 2012
Edited: Pedro Villena on 31 Oct 2012
str = num2str([17;10],'%05i')
if length(str(1,:))==5,
%%%here is your command
str = num2str([17;10],'%05i')
if numel(str(1,:))==5,
%%%here is your command

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 31 Oct 2012
Pedro's code with numel as the size check:

manoj saini
manoj saini on 31 Oct 2012
>>a='string'; >>n=length(a) so n will return length of a string

Ze Kai Ng
Ze Kai Ng on 31 Oct 2012
I converted my string into vector form and cannot count using length(str).

Ze Kai Ng
Ze Kai Ng on 31 Oct 2012
Thank you everybody! I figured it out. I need to char(vec(pos)) first to convert to string then I can compare with the above methods.


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