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Insert multiple plots to excel sheets using ActiveX

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Fredrik on 30 Oct 2012
Hi, I have a function where I create about 30 plots in a for loop. Now I would like to put each plot, as a pitcture, into a seperate excel sheet in the same excel document.
, they show how to do it for one plot, but as I dont want to write sheet1.... sheet 2.... sheet 3 and so on, I wonder if there is a way to to this in a for loop to make things a bit more convenient!
Thank's a lot! Fredrik


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Accepted Answer

Eric on 30 Oct 2012
Edited: Eric on 30 Oct 2012
First create as many sheets as you want (using Sheets.Add()).
Then loop through your plots, calling
Sheet1 = get(Sheets, 'Item', ctr);
where I have assumed ctr is the loop variable. Sheet1 (or call it something else if you like) will then be a reference to the ctr-th Worksheet.
So you could do something like:
for ctr = 1:N
Sheets.Add(); %Add a new sheet each time through the loop
Sheet1 = Sheets.Item(ctr); %Extract the ctr-th Worksheet
... %Plotting code here& ...
Good luck,

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Fredrik on 30 Oct 2012
Thanks a lot!
I managed to do something similar with the help of other functions but I think this would be even better..

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