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Error copying a figure to clipboard

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T FW on 20 Apr 2020
Answered: Chihang Yang on 18 Nov 2020
Dear all,
I would like to copy a matlab figure to my clipboard so I can paste it in Powerpoint as a vector graphic. This is usually very simple, I just choose "metafile" in the cop options. More recently I tried the same thing getting this error message:
Error using print (line 82)
Unable to copy the figure to the clipboard. Increasing the Java Heap Size setting in the MATLAB preferences may
help; otherwise try saving to a file or choose a different clipboard format.
Error in (line 158)
Error in editmenufcn (line 69)
Error while evaluating Menu Callback.
I followed the suggestion and increased the Java thingy, up to 4 GB, still same problem. The weird thing is, it's actually a rather simple image of only 4 MB. I'd be happy to upload the .fig file here if possible.
Any hints what the problem might be?
Sinmyong Park
Sinmyong Park on 17 Nov 2020
I also have same problem. I use OS win10, matlab R2018a. I just want to copy surf figure(1024×20 double) to ppt file. I get same feedback above. So I try to copy other surf figure(2048×128 double) with different data and document path, then there are no problem. ..then, i move first one have a problem to other directory and get same problem. I cant find the cause.

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Answers (1)

Chihang Yang
Chihang Yang on 18 Nov 2020
I also met this problem in MATLAB 2020a.
But the problem is gone when I copy the same figure in MATLAB 2018b.


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