Need help with mvregress

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Swetha Kalla
Swetha Kalla on 7 Apr 2020
Answered: Nikhil Sonavane on 13 Apr 2020
Hello all,
I am new to matlab. I am trying to estimate the coefficients of my linear regression:
Ypca = A + B ∙ X + Epca
I have the table Ypca which is 15*3884 table and table X which is 7769*2 table.
I used the following code:
[beta,Sigma] = mvregress(X,Y,'algorithm','cwls');
My goal is to find out A, B and Epca.
But the error that I am getting is as follows:
Can someone please tell me how to proceed with this error? Thank you.
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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 8 Apr 2020
As the error message indicates, the number of rows of observation X should be the same as the number of rows in response Y. The current dimensions of your matrix X and Y do not make much sense.

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Nikhil Sonavane
Nikhil Sonavane on 13 Apr 2020
There is a mismatch in the dimensions of your input matrices and hence you are getting an error. I would suggest you to check dimensions of all your matrices once before you proceed with the code.

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