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Can someone explain how this line in the code works?

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Can anyone explain how this works?
l_points(3,1)=-r/fzero('quintic', .1) - Ms/(Ml+Ms);
fzero and quintic are both functions. when it says fzero('quintic',0.1) does it mean that 0.1 should run in quintic?


darova on 6 Apr 2020
What is fzero? Is it standard MATLAB function?
Ash matlab
Ash matlab on 6 Apr 2020
It's a function but not a standard MATLAB function

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 6 Apr 2020
The fzero call indicates that the code is to find the value of the ‘quintic’ function argument such that the function value equals zero closest to the 0.1 initial estimate. The 0.1 value is the value that ‘quintic’ uses at the beginning of the search, not the final value. The rest of the line uses the final value to calculate whatever is to be stored in ‘l_points(3,1)’.

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