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How to find the percentage accuracy of LDA classifier?

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Zuha Yousuf
Zuha Yousuf on 30 Mar 2020
Hi, I'm looking for any code or function that will help me calculate the percentage accuracy of my LDA classifier. Thanks!

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 30 Mar 2020
How did you train your classifier.
The following functions will help you. check documentations for more details
confusionchart Create confusion matrix chart for classification problem
confusionmat Compute confusion matrix for classification problem
perfcurve Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve or other performance curve for classifier output

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Bhargavi Maganuru
Bhargavi Maganuru on 2 Apr 2020
If you have true classes and predicted classes, you can create confusion matrix from it
c = confusionmat(true,predicted);
and find the accuracy using
accuracy = sum(diag(c))/sum(c);


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