How to plot multiple graphs from Simulink in Matlab

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Roopali Hothi
Roopali Hothi on 7 Mar 2020
Answered: tran xuanminh on 7 Oct 2020
I am running a PI control structure in Simulink. I want to create one set of axis with multiple graphs, allowing me to show comparison of the system response with different PI control parameters.
I am unsure on how to do this. I am aware of the Simulink data logging function, which creates a data set of a specific variable that can be found in the workspace of matlab.
I also understand how to obtain a plot of a variable in the worskpace of matlab by simply clicking the plots tab.
However, since I am running my simulink model multiple times and obtaining the same variable data set each time, I find that my data from the past run gets overridden. Is there any way I can permanently store the data from each run, so this doesn't happen?
Alternatively, is there a way to export data from the workspace into excel? This would be simpler.
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Roopali Hothi
Roopali Hothi on 7 Mar 2020
This is the data array I want to export to Excel. It is called cooling_temp

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Answers (2)

stozaki on 7 Mar 2020
The workspace stores only the latest results, but if you use the signal log, the Simulation data inspector stores all the results.
Simulation data inspector can export the results in Excel.

tran xuanminh
tran xuanminh on 7 Oct 2020
Ok thanks

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