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Colored plot of a parameter with coordinates not homogeneous

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Vittorio on 5 Mar 2020
Commented: Vittorio on 5 Mar 2020
I have a txt file as follow:
X Y Parameter
1.1 0.5 324
1.2 0.7 4222
1.5 1.1 425
2 1.11 5
My file is bigger, but it's just an example. I would like to rapresent in a X,Y plot the value of "Parameter" with a colored scale. Since the interval between coordinates is not constant I don't know how to rapresent it. Can anyone help me?
Thank you!


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Jonas Allgeier
Jonas Allgeier on 5 Mar 2020
You can use textscan(), readtable() or importdata() to read the values into the workspace.
For plotting in different colors, scatter() would make sense.


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Vittorio on 5 Mar 2020
"If you want to fill the space in between the scattered points, you would need to perform some kind of interpolation."
Yes, this is exactly what I need. Sorry I didn't explain it properly.

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