Draw uninterrupted lines on a plot with missing values

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laurie on 15 Oct 2012
I have data (Y) sorted into different columns and i want to plot it using Matlab. Each column represents one value of X and i plot the mean and standard error of each column of Y versus the value of X.
However, depending on dataset, some values of X might be missing. When this happens, I get a plot that has interrupted lines : when a "NaN" is encountered for one value of X, the line breaks/gets interrupted around the missing data instead of just "skipping over it".
How can I make it "skip over it" so that I dont have broken lines on my plots ?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 15 Oct 2012
Edited: José-Luis on 15 Oct 2012
idx = ~any(isnan(y),1);
Also, you could use nanmean() to get the mean in the presence of NaN's.

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laurie on 15 Oct 2012
Thanks, the "any(isnan(.." code works like a charm for :-)


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