assignment string values corresponding to index from cell array

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Farshid Daryabor
Farshid Daryabor on 29 Jan 2020
Commented: Farshid Daryabor on 30 Jan 2020
Please have a look to the following code, how can I assign string values corresponding to the index (ind_logical) from cell (files) in to the new cell (filesout). Thanks
Files = dir(fullfile(pth, ncfiles));
files = arrayfun(@(X) fullfile(pth,, Files, 'uni', 0);
% Format latlim,lonlim:
% Wrap longitudes to 180:
latlim = [41 48]; lonlim = [27 48];
lonlim(lonlim>180) = lonlim(lonlim>180)-360;
% If two elements are input, assume user wants floats bound by geoquad:
if numel(latlim)==2
latv = [latlim(1) latlim(1) latlim(2) latlim(2)];
lonv = [lonlim(1) lonlim(2) lonlim(2) lonlim(1)];
latv = latlim;
lonv = lonlim;
% Initialize arrays that we'll try to populate:
filesout = {};
latout = [];
lonout = [];
for lf = 1 : length(files)
filename = files{lf,1};
lat = ncread(filename,'LATITUDE');
lon = ncread(filename,'LONGITUDE');
[inpoly,onpoly] = inpolygon(lon,lat,lonv,latv);
[inpoly,onpoly] = inpolygon(lon,lat,lonv,latv);
inpoly = inpoly+onpoly;
ind = inpoly; ind_logical = logical(ind);
latout = [latout;lat(ind_logical)];
lonout = [lonout;lon(ind_logical)];
%filesout = [filesout;files(ind_logical)];
%filesout = arrayfun(@(x) x , files(ind_logical), 'UniformOutput', false);
Farshid Daryabor
Farshid Daryabor on 30 Jan 2020
From the 'nc' file listed in 'files' shown as form of cell array, I want to find The desired values, such as temperature, salinity, pressure from the each netcdf file based on the desired longitude and latitude, since the values in each '.nc file' are corresponding to the one longitude and latitude. The all netcdf files listed in files are global data (ARGO profile).

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