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harshavardhanreddy reddy
harshavardhanreddy reddy on 22 Jan 2020
Answered: Selva Karna on 23 Jan 2020
i am working on agriculture path detection project through image processing in that i make all green colour part as white and path as black ,but now i want to clean that image by moving a window, and calculate the row distance between the end of left and right white pixels of a binary image and have to fit the mean line between the rows.please help me.9.png
harshavardhanreddy reddy
harshavardhanreddy reddy on 23 Jan 2020
This is my college project in which the vehicle under canopies has to identify path through machine vision and move on its own for robotic operations like spraying,etc..
i dont have much experience with MATLAB now i am learning matlab.

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Selva Karna
Selva Karna on 23 Jan 2020
* subtract Objects while you move using live camera
  • use MOG subtraction algorithm.
  • its used to detect path and trees

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