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Collect matrix values by using a "for" loop

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Hello, I am new at Matlab and have a question about using a for loop.
I have a matrix with 311 rows and 111 columns. I want to collect the values and want to create a new one with all values in one column.
This means that the algorithm should collect all values of the first row of the matrix (column 1 till 111) and put them into a new matrix with 1 column (row 1 till 111).
Next, the values of the columns 1 till 111 of the second row are collected and also entered into the first column of the new matrix (row 112 till 223).
This schould be done until the last row (311). In the end there should be some kind of a list.
Can anyone help me?


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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 14 Jan 2020
Let A - your array.
out = reshape(A.',[],1);

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